Mouthbreathers Are Full of Shit


Mouthbreathers are now officially full of shit.

What has been closely associated with lawyers and politicians for 100’s of years- figuratively.

Is now literally true for mouthbreathers.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov, a Buteyko practitioner for over 17 years, has written about this in great detail.

Chronic hyperventilation (i.e. breathing more than the norm) and correspondingly low CO2 values in the arterial blood cause problems with the perfusion and oxygenation of the digestive organs. All vital organs and tissues get less oxygen. The same is true for the skin on a face and problems with acne. [...] For example, Dr. Gilmour and his colleagues showed in his article “Colon blood flow in the dog: effects of changes in arterial carbon dioxide tension” published in Cardiovascular Research that low CO2 reduced blood supply to the colon promoting constipation (Gilmour et al, 1980).

Dr. Artour Rakhimov

Dr. Gilmour’s article “Colon Blood Flow in the Dog” can be found here.


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